My open-source year in review

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At the end of each year, I write a “year in review” post where I describe the last year with hindsight.

This year was quite productive for me in terms of creating open-source projects. So this year, my post will focus on my open source projects


Rust projects

All rust projects I created this year are directly or indirectly related to my open-source feed reader bot - El Monitorro:

Initially, the bot was using telegram-bot library. But I found many issues in this library. Moreover, the library is abandoned so I was applying bug fixes to my fork of this project.

I decided to create a new project so I won’t have to deal with the spaghetti code of telegram-bot crate.

You can find out more about frankenstein in this blog post.

  • fang - background job processing library for Rust

I’ve been using tokio for background jobs in my bot. It worked fine for a small number of jobs. But when more people started using the bot, I discovered it’s hard to manage, monitor and tune background processing in tokio. That’s why I created fang which uses Postgres DB as a job queue.

I can say that fang works great processing a couple of thousands of jobs every minute and the number of jobs keeps increasing every day.

You can find out more about fang in this blog post.

  • cargo-mode - Emacs minor mode which allows to dynamically select cargo command

I always try to optimize my workflow in my text editor. All my coding I do in Emacs. This small package allows to conveniently execute cargo commands from inside of Emacs.

You can find out more about cargo-mode in this blog post.


This year I started using org-roam for all my note-taking.

You can find out more about my braindump in this blog post.

Other projects

  • ex_pbkdf2 - Rust NIf for Password-Based Key Derivation Function v2 (PBKDF2)


Of course, I also contributed to my existing open-source projects fixing bugs and improving them. You can check them out my github or in my braindump note.