About Me

My name is Ayrat Badykov. I am a software developer based in Moscow.


  • Kazan Federal University - Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology Kazan, Russia

    Master of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Honours), 2014-2017

  • Kazan Federal University - Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology Kazan, Russia

    Bachelor of Applied Mathematics and Informatics (Honours), 2011-2014


  • POA Network April 2018 - Present

    Ethereum developer (Elixir)

    • Ethereum client in Elixir - Mana
    • Ethereum blockchain explorer - Blockscout
  • Bookmate August 2016 - April 2018

    Backend developer (Ruby, ROR, Kotlin, Java, Elixir)

    • Digital book processing service in Java
    • Digital comic book processing service in Kotlin
    • A couple of smaller services in Java, Elixir
    • Mailing functionality in main ROR monolith
  • Govermedia plus Septemper 2015 - August 2016

    Backend developer (Ruby, ROR, Elixir)

    • Media file storage service using amazon s3, riak cs
    • Media file processing service


Open Source projects


  • Blockscout - Blockchain explorer for Ethereum based networks

  • Mana - Ethereum full node implementation written in Elixir

  • ExRLP - Elixir implementation of Ethereum’s RLP (Recursive Length Prefix) encoding

  • ExABI - The Application Binary Interface (ABI) of Solidity for Elixir

  • EthBloom - Ethereum’s bloom filter implementation in elixir, integrated in Mana


  • BN - BN128 elliptic curve operations for Elixir, used in Ethereum’s zkSNARKs


  • Ethereumex - Elixir JSON-RPC client for the Ethereum blockchain

  • El Monitorro - RSS and Atom feed reader as a Telegram bot. It’s written in Rust

  • UploadcareEx - Simple Elixir wrapper for Uploadcare API

  • BalalaikaBear - VK API wrapper for Elixir

  • ExRiakCS - Riak CS API wrapper for Elixir

Machine Learning

  • CLOPE - Elixir implementation of CLOPE: A Fast and Effective Clustering Algorithm for Transactional Data

  • ROCK - Elixir implementation of ROCK: A Robust Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Attributes


  • Cronenberg - Simple cron command entry parser in Rust


  • Life Balance - endless runner mobile game (landing):

Google Play Apple Store


  • mix.el - Emacs Minor Mode for Mix, a build tool that ships with Elixir
  • company-elixir - company-mode completion backend for Elixir