Life Balance web version

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Around 1.5 years I released a mobile game called “Life Balance” both for Android and iOS. It’s an endless runner game with a couple of twists:

  • There are several bars to maintain (life, happiness, success, intelligence). They are unlocked as you progress through the game
  • Some coins are positive for one bar and negative for another bar

Recently my Apple developer program expired so I decided to port the game to browsers so it can be played without native apps. It may seem like a simple game but it took me a long time to develop and launch it and I don’t want my hard work go to waste.

The last couple of weekends I was porting the game to html5. The game engine I used (Godot) provides export to html5 but I discovered a couple of issues when testing it in the browser. Also, I fixed a couple of issues, removed ads and added music.

The game is available at Enjoy!

It’s also available on